Helping women overcome &
changing their belief


M the brand was born out of the passion of Meetha Castellino, a corporate executive with experience across all areas of the business working for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. M the brand has been created with the sole mission of helping women overcome and changing their belief system to become their true authentic selves and achieve whatever they want to be.


M understands, values and acknowledges all walks of life and the inherent systems and cultures that limit the opportunities for woman. M the brand is in essence a brand built to support woman in their quest for achieving their goals be it career, family work life balance, or entrepreneurs in the world.

Having worked with the Humanity and Rights group in Manchester UK, developing key strategic business plans for development and growth of the charity itself, M also assists and consults in Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Business coaching and mentoring.


With over 25 years experience in the fortune 500 companies covering the USA , Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific in leadership roles for companies wuch as IBM GSA, Sun Microsystems, Vodafone , NTT and Orange Business Services to name a few, Meetha has cultivated a wide range of business acumen, coaching and advisory skills.

Meetha was born in Australia , and moved to the Middle East in 2008. Working across various countries and companies in the Middle East she has extensive Arabic cultural specific expertise as well as global expertise across cultures which add to her vast array of skills to enable women in achieving their goals.



  • Women in Leadership Training
  • Talent pool consulting to grow woman in the workplace
  • Business Strategy consulting
  • Business Transformation consulting


  • Woman Leadership coaching and development
  • Women in leadership sales coaching
  • Women entrepreneurship coaching
  • We loved to go into the sunset



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